As of September 1, we have become completely independent! Yay we are growing up.

Hard work has been done on improvements and expansions of the system. Testing is currently underway and everything is expected to be available to everyone in the next two weeks.

To give an update on the upcoming changes:

  1. GUI adjusted (hard word for we changed the colors and layout to make it a bit easier)
  2. Our new logo is integrated everyware
  3. The encryption of the data has been tightened and improved where necessary
  4. Various result screens are now simple and easy to print. Depending on your own browser or system, you can also convert it to PDF
  5. New notifications email on several important issues, but tell you more about it later.
  6. We are operating from Estonia from now on as GISA Uo. Unfortunately, due to the continuously changing legislation, every digital service has become taxed in the country where it is delivered, sometimes referred to as the MOSS. Unfortunately for the services via GISA, this will also apply from 1 March 2020.

In any case, it cannot be said that we did not work hard :-) .

Do you have a good idea, are you missing something or just something else? Just email it to us and we’ll do our best to get it into the system.

Furthermore, we wish everyone a lot of strength in this still strange period in world history.