We have great news for you

Despite the still annoying COVID19 situation and the current holiday, we have not been sitting still.

New look
A new logo is already there as you can see in this news message and our new website as well. Also we are happy to announce that version 4.2 of the GISA system is currently in the final phase of development and will be tested in the coming period and eventually replaced the old version.

Renewed mobile control
Previously there was the option to choose mobile by country and search for a mobile via OSINT. This has now been integrated, the costs have increased slightly, but you will now get the results in 1 go.

Mobile apps
Apart from the possibility to do everything via the trusted website environment, mobile apps for Android and IOS will also become available for the system.

In short, we hope that everything will be ready around October or November and that you will achieve even more results.

Yours sincerely,