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Many government employees need access to high-quality OSINT information (publicly available) to perform the duties associated with their jobs. .

  • Threat intelligence experts need this information to gather a subject’s global history, connections, aliases, and social media to monitor them before they can do anything. 
  • Investigation agencies use this type of information to find suspects and solve investigations. 
  • Fraud investigators often rely on this information to determine whether a claimant is who they claim to be.>


However, many of the older tools used to access OSINT information are severely lacking in information such as:

  • Global coverage
  • Adequate Email Addresses
  • Mobile phone numbers 
  • Social media usernames

This information can be crucial for researchers: investigations can start in one country, but often cross borders. And by making connections between email addresses, mobile phone numbers and social media usernames, the identity of the person can be discovered.

We provide researchers with a powerful tool for finding OSINT identity information.

GISA OSINT allows them to search with one piece of information – a name, an email address, a phone number or a social media username – and find anything registered.

GISA OSINT can be applied in a number of convenient ways:

Find an interesting person  – start with one piece of information – even an unidentifiable social media username – and find their address and phone number.

Discover connections between people of interest  – see if people have ever shared the same address, or if they are members of the same online group.

Gather information to enrich a record  – make sure you have a complete list of a subject’s cell phone numbers and social media usernames.

Who is getting the access?

Some small or less privacy-sensitive matters can be investigated by anyone on the basis of credits through our tool at

For the investigators there is the entire GISA system, unfortunately you do not get easy access to it and you will have to prove that you are really a investigator. After that you will get access to the system and you can use the services.

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