The old saying goes, “Finding stuff is difficult”. All you want is accurate data so you can plan your resources, bill your customers and find those pesky persons that hide longer than they should. Here’s the top three reasons why finding people online is so hard (and how we make it easier in GISA!):

You can’t just automate it

Sure, there’s apps that track people, and maybe even their phones—but there’s a lot of work that’s done that happens AFK (away from keyboard). Meetings, conversations at the water cooler, or simply having a great surveillance on a mall or grandma. How can you be more sufficient? The best way to find people is to manually do it—humans know better than machines where to locally search for a person, that’s where detectives are for, right! But it can be easy to do, if you know how, what if you had data which was accurate, a social media profile with those nice home pictures for example. We can help.

“I’ll do it later”

We found that many people are lazy and look online for a person long after hard work done, when they’re with one foot out of the office already. Or worse, just quickly scan online for last week on Monday morning. In GISA, we have several handy tools you even use during your work, surveillance or whatever and that alone will remind you to the possibilities it has and hopefully remember that one case could be solved with this.

Work just doesn’t stop at the office door

Even if you’re disciplined about separating work and private life, we’re all just human beings. Have an idea during your morning shower? Discovered the perfect solution for your client during a weekend stroll? Or you have to switch between cases and need time to get into each case without being productive right away. GISA can help out and give accurate information about almost everything.


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